Dog clipper: how to buy a dog clipper?

A dog clipper is an expensive investment, but if you feel that you have talents in dog groomer, the mower can be an investment that pays on time.

Buy a dog clipper

Learning the mowing is not difficult, and wield the clippers dog is relatively convenient. Nevertheless, it always depends if you just want to shorten the hair of the dog, or make him a true shearing according to the criteria of race. This dog mowing, you will learn the standards.

Your dog, if he needs, appreciates mowing. If not usually, do not mow him. Indeed, his hair, it acts as an insulator, and a poorly done mowing might give him hot in summer and cold in winter.

If you want to pick the best dog clippers for the budget, choose a good quality for it to be easy to use and that mowing the dog is of good quality. Once you attack mowing, take a few precautions.


– Always keep the cutting head flat along the mowing area (avoiding accidents).
– Progress always (unless specifically against-indication) in the direction of the hair, avoiding marks and “stairs “unsightly.
– Always use the cutting head, the most appropriate depending on the desired length and the area treated.
– Maintain always perfectly the device and its cutting heads. The particular lubrication is essential.
– Finally, remember vigilant on small areas in high relief, therefore, at risk, such as joints, knees, face, but also the ears and between the fingers (for shaving legs ).Continue reading

Set up the house: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Set up your home is important. If you feel good at home, then that works, after all. Are you dissatisfied with your interior, it can have a negative influence on your mood. Obviously, you do not need a ‘super-luxury’ interior to feel good: the point is that your house is decorated in your taste. But what your taste is, there are four common mistakes that are often made when decorating the house. You can find them in this article.

Home furnishing Mistake # 1: Too big / small furniture

Set up is a very important part of your home, and also measuring and considering the space – however big or small it is. Only when you know exactly how big is the space, you can decide what furniture and home accessories for it. The following corner sofa is very beautiful, but in a room with an area of 15m2 (or a large but narrow living room) you might wonder whether the 3-seat sofa is a better match. The same goes true for a very large space, if you have a living room of 50m2 you can decorate your living room with all kinds of small furniture and home accessories, but chances are that they then disappear into space.Continue reading

Baby playpen – Yes or No?

As normal, it would be hard for Mom and Dad when the little dwarf comes into Crawling. Therefore, the question for a baby pack and play is raised. By expanding the movement environment inevitably raises an increased risk of injury problems. And his little favorite to always have in mind that is to make every day less. And if you want to buy a best pack and play, which model uses parents most and is also good for the baby? First, we listen to the possible arguments against a pack and play and then, speaking of a pack and play:

Speaks against a playpen?

One has the impression that the little sparrow, as soon as he was brought into the pack and play, bloody murder cries because he wants to get out. Some children just do not want to be locked up. It must be admitted that some of the children are more accustomed as others, depending on the then playpens purchase was a clear bad investment.
In smaller homes, a decent pack and play of 1 x 1 meter pretty because space away, the good piece is not folded repeatedly times, then in many things such as collect toys and so on.

Is the baby a steeplejack, then these acrobatic can even be dangerous. Not every baby can always slow in his urge to move. Even the baby to be put in to be learned, depending on the height of the playpen and own body size, this can sometimes even be a problem for their backs.

Why a pack and play?

Should you suddenly need the phone or at the door, then can the child easily and safely be left under the pack and play. If the mom just with cooking busy on the hot stove, the washing or ironing with the hot iron, then the space in the pack and play is not quite as interesting but much safer. And out of the pack and play, you can watch the life in the kitchen under supervision. Set up the pack and play and their favorite toys, then it can be quite a while to endure it. If the pack and play is also a good soft surface, then falling over after one has hoisted the wooden rods not painful. When driving times to friends or on holiday with the baby then is an ideal foldable model.

Buying Tips for baby pack and play

Overall, the acquisition of a baby pack and play likely already worth spending even a model with certificate and seal of quality are from 50 euros upwards. Although there are already models from 75 cm on a side, this looks more like cages, 1 m side length it should be. All edges shall be rounded. No open hinges!

The pack and play should be easy to assemble with a good guide. Important its stability but also that it is not too heavy for transportation in the home or sometimes go.

The ideal is pack and plays in which the insert is adjustable in height, so they grow with quasi with the age of the children. Equipped with four movable rollers is a move easier in space and does not damage the floor. However, should also be detectable two rolls. The liner also called nest should be washable, soft equipped. Check distances and strength of the bars. Each playpen should have a solid floor!Continue reading


You are looking for inspiration for decorating your dream home? Or you are about to decorate your living room, bedroom or garden? Here you will find ideas, tips for the best residential addresses and examples of interiors designs for decorating your home. Also on this page, you will find an even wider selection of all the companies that can help you to realize your dream home!

With this advice, you can create your dream decor simpler.Who wants beautiful styling for his house can find this especially smart. With these 10 tips for successful decorating your home, you can start immediately. What should you do? Where you have to save not especially and what are ways to give your room more character?

1. Function over form

You may have such a beautiful idea in your mind already. Make sure the base of your house is functional and logical. Select the correct format that goes with atmosphere and space hand in hand. Look at drawings to find out what does and does not fit, decorate your home with one of the many virtual tools and vary your furniture range of choices to find the right setup for your own.

2. Never skimp on furniture

Even if you have a tight budget or have to think about the cost, never ever skimp on furniture. Good comfort is priority number one because after all that is the feeling a home must give. So ALWAYS make sure you opt for a good sofa and comfortable chairs.

3. Choose the right decorations for your house

Almost all rooms bare eyes without proper decoration. Wrong decoration, on the other hand, can again provide the atmosphere you are trying to put down, which is completely messed up. Choose the right decorations to match your interior style. Find your inspiration simply by looking in home magazines and interior items of course on TV or the internet.

4. Make use of plants and flowers

Use green and plants or flowers for extra atmosphere and healthy air in your rooms. Plants and flowers are beautiful, and inexpensive ways to decorate every room in your house.

5. Use layers

Layers in your home? By this we mean the differences in depth of your house design. It is all in the details: a spectacle frame, cushions on the sofa, a carpet on the ground. These dots on the “i” provide visual variety and a warm feeling for your space.

6. The secret black color for your room?

Black will never ever be the dominant color in your home. But you should not avoid black when it goes with other color. The right black details namely provide added depth and characteristics. This creates an attractive contrast. Consider a black face on the wall, black lights and black accessories.

7. Grouping items

It may read as if it is busy, but group items ensures just for extra space. Place items together which also fit together, tight and with manageable space between these different patchworks to create multiple angles. The cool thing is that you can combine in one space, without being restless easily several spheres or styles in this manner.

8. Provide a personal touch

Make sure your house have character: your character. Decorate your room with items that suit you. Do you have a passion or hobby, look for ways to express it visually in your home. With an individual mark on the house design, you distinguish your house from the crowd.

9. Do not be too sensitive to trends

Follow the trends is great, but beware. Do not be too sensitive to trends because then you run the risk that your interior is out of date every few years or hopelessly out of fashion or looks overdone. Stick with a proven basis by dialing key furniture and items for classics style that can stand the test of time.

10. Work with photos

One tip that not many people know is: take pictures of your home to determine any changes. On a photograph, details are sometimes more clearly than with the naked eye. It is advisable for you if you get to face an interior design for the first time. A photo can be edited relatively easily with the computer to try out alternatives.

Good luck with the set up!


You want to make the weight, but you do not really know how to do it? This article offers you essential exercises in bodybuilding.

The squat

In bodybuilding, it is important to work all parts of the body to avoid creating an imbalance, which is dangerous for health. The squat is not far from the King exercise because it allows a work the whole body at once although it focuses primarily on the thighs and buttocks. The movement is to bend the legs with your feet flat on the floor while wearing a tie rod, loaded or unloaded, on the back. The squat is an exercise that is simple but also technique. Poor implementation of the exercise can be very dangerous. But once mastered, the squat will give you satisfactory results.

If you want to have better result, you should use the best power rack which help you squat heavier and safely in case you do not have external supporters. I recommend a Valor BD7 Power rack – an equipment can be used to perform many workout exercises such as squats, military press, etc

The pumps

THE classic bodybuilding. Both for beginners and for regulars. What makes it a must exercise? The simplicity of the first movement, which is in support on the arms, face down and then the bust, making sure to keep your back straight so as not to suffer lower back. Another advantage: no equipment and “push up” are accessible even for beginners people. Finally, do push-ups, it is the insurance to gain many upper body muscles – the pectorals, triceps, deltoids in particular – and to allow development of harmonious body. Especially if you vary your movements with hands apart, with hands clenched, pumps inclined, declined pumps …Continue reading

Repairing scratches or damage on a wooden table

A piece of furniture as a table is used regularly, the risk of damage therefore is quite large. Accidents do happen, for example grease stains, scratches, dents or burnt burns, quickly in the wooden table. Such damage can be very disturbing, because a table is still a prominent piece of furniture and the damage always keep covered with a tablecloth is often not an option. Fortunately, there are several ways to repair the damage to a table.

Candle Wax removal of a wooden table

One of the problems is spot of wax. If a candle on the wooden top of a table dripping candle wax which solidifies quickly and this leaves a spot. Remove excess wax is often not the problem, either by stabbing it simply with, for example, a bank card. But when using a sharp object, it might scratch the table. After the excess wax is removed, however, there is still a stain on the table of the candle wax. This spot we can be gently removed with a cloth soaked. Make sure that you benzine first on a hidden spot of the table; there are many different treatments of a wooden piece of furniture and there is a chance that the benzene reacts with these finishes. If the benzene leaves no damage on the invisible part of the table, the stain can be erased. Make sure that the stain is sometimes rinsed thoroughly, so that there is no residual benzene remain seated on the table. Another way to remove the wax is by rinsing it off under a continuous stream of very hot water. This allows the solidified wax will become liquid again and go off the tabletop. This method operates only when the spot is close to the edges of the table, as the candle wax elsewhere on the table can turn cold and re-solidifies.

Remove scratches

Scratches are also common on wooden tables. Of course silverware or other sharp objects quickly can leave a scratch. Fortunately, you can also treat such scratches without sanding or painting the entire table. For removing scratches in wooden tables, there are several repair kits for sale, all of which work on the principle of filling with similar color substance.For example, it was colored with different tubes, which can be filled by color in the scratch, after which the excess wax can be removed. Such treatment can make a scratch much less visible than an untreated scratch, but the best way is still always the most labor-intensive: sanding and finishing the table again.

Reviews fire in a wooden table

Also burns at a wooden table are easy to occur. Often this is caused by objects such as a gourmet set, where the heat may cause in the table. Such burns are extremely disfiguring for the table and are difficult to remove. The problem of burning in a wooden piece of furniture is that they often sit deeper than just the surface. To check this you can look at how hard the wood in the center of the fire place. If the wood that do not have the normal structure and has the normal hardness, it is possible that the fire spot is just on the surface. If the burn is not too deep, the table at which depth can be properly sanded and then re-finished. Be careful however that there should be sanded so deep until the burn became completely invisible. If the place is too deep, there is no other option than all the affected wood put away as much as possible, fill the hole to give an opaque finish to cover the repair.

Repair dents in a wooden table

Some dents on a wooden table can be recovered, although this does not apply to dents caused by objects that are bumped against it. Some distortions or dents in a wood table can also be caused by other moisture than the surrounding wood; for instance, this longitudinal section is exposed to a hot object. In such a case, the wood become drier, thus it shrinks. Such a damage can be recover by re-adding moisture to the dent. This may be by placing a drop of water on the dent and heating it after a half hour carefully to keep the tip of a soldering iron in the droplet. Please note here, however, that the bolt does not touch the table. Dents caused by objects which have come up against it, can be reset only by filling them and the table to work again. This work is time-consuming and does not always have the desired result because the filler is always visible, unless the table is finished opaque.

Repairing broken or loose wallpaper

Every wall can also incur wallpaper damage. The wall may be damaged by objects, or by releasing the wallpaper itself. Luckily, to repair such damages, you will not have to directly re-decorate the whole wall or room

Repair loose wallpaper

If not enough glue was used in the wallpaper, or if the wall glue is sucked up too much, it can cause loose corners or areas. If this is so, is not a problem but it is important that we work carefully and cleanly to solve it. First, gather the right materials. For example, there is required a putty knife, wallpaper glue, a roller and a small brush. Grab the first putty knife and gently insert the loose piece of wallpaper slightly further apart. The aim is that the entire piece that is not properly secured can be re-glued. If the loose wallpaper slightly further is gently loosened, make the new adhesive with a small brush on the back side of the wallpaper can be lubricated. It may be that, for example, loose wallpaper at a seam is concerned, wherein the tassel is inconvenient. A solution for this is, for example, to lubricate the adhesive on a different putty knife stabbing behind the wallpaper. With a putty knife, it is indeed easier to find out the joints with a small brush. If the adhesive on the back of the wallpaper, wallpaper can be attached to the wall. Press the wallpaper right to use and with the roller. This proportional pressure can be exerted on the wallpaper. Often there are some glue under the wallpaper in this process. That’s not bad, but it is advisable to wipe the glue away immediately with little water. When the glue dries up this is difficult.

Sores in repairing or removing wallpaper

Of course it is not always the case that the part of the wallpaper that is loose is also effective on a seam or an angle. Sometimes there are small bubbles or blisters in the wallpaper. These are fortunately good to get away, although the method has a small difference in the method of loose corners or seams. If there are bubbles in the wallpaper, it is important to take a very sharp hobby knife, a pair of putty knives and a roller. Hold the hobby knife and carefully cut a straight line into the vesicle. Note that the pattern of the wallpaper is interrupted as little as possible. For the cutting, it is therefore not always convenient in order to get hold of the exact center of the vesicle in the wallpaper, or to cut vertically. If there is a slice in the wallpaper, the wallpaper glue can on the rear side of the wallpaper are lubricated. First use the putty knife to loosen the vesicle and then use spatula with some wallpaper paste to smear behind the wallpaper. Once this is done on both sides of the slice, the wallpaper can again be pressed against the wall. Also in this case, the roller can be used to print on the wallpaper proportionate, and that the glue residues need to be removed quickly with a damp sponge or cloth.

Damage as a hole or tear in the wallpaper

Another loss could be that the profile of the wall is damaged, or that there is a crack or hole on the wall. The drilling of a hole, for example, results in a hole which is not visible as long as there is something is hung. There are several ways to fix the wallpaper with a damage such as a hole. One of the ways, the most simple, is to simply remove the entire track loose and a new job to hang wallpaper. For that, there are, however, plenty of wallpapers are available and should be approached cautiously when removing the damaged track. Another way is to tear a piece of a remnant wallpaper loose. Here, the various layers of the wallpaper are visible and the upper layer will be scratched. This top layer can then be pasted over the hole in the wall. Mind you, this only works for wallpaper texture. Also, it is possible to use a piece of wallpaper remainder over the hole or damage to keep the back and then with a sharp knife to cut out a square wallpaper through both layers. The old wallpaper will be removed from the wall and the new square can be neatly pasted there.

Save on heating bills, all tips in a row (Part 2)

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All tips in a row

  • Nobody home? heating is on? Do not forget! Stick a note on the outside doors with this text, it helps. Make it a beautiful card with red letters because in the beginning everyone will probably have to get used to.
  • This tip should be known by most people: put the heating one degree lower, instead of 21 degrees, go to 20 degrees, with every degree lower you reach a saving of 7% annually, which is quite a lot.
  • Purchase a good clock thermostat and program that best suited to your situation. The thermostat will turn the heating on at night for example, an hour earlier lower than you would yourself.
  • Imagine a night temperature of 15 to 17 degrees, at a higher temperature it saves too little and at a lower temperature it takes too much energy again in the morning to warm up the house.
  • Set the thermostat in the central heating system of the house off an hour before you get going, it is comfortable and does not cost anything extra.
  • A thermostat also allows you to set up a weekend program, and you can enter an alternative program for example if you once have a day off.
  • Is there no one at home during the day in connection with school work and then set the thermostat to a temperature of 16 degrees and lower the thermostat to the heater switch on half an hour before the first person gets home.
  • If you at home during the day ? Adjust the temperature when you are cleaning or doing odd jobs lower than the temperature when you’re sitting or read a book on the computer.
  • Keep interior and exterior doors closed as much as possible when the heating is on and not put doors and windows open against each other as the significant blows the heat out of your home.
  • Turn on the heater too high, yes, here comes the jersey: a warm sweater has the same effect. Were you able to convince your daughter all of the need to conserve energy? Girls would rather feel cold than boys.
  • If you have the windows, it is not immediately throw open but slightly lower the thermostat, you can program in that case, apparently at a lower temperature the thermostat.
  • You can simply set the desired temperature, it makes no sense to set a higher temperature, the room does not heat more quickly by pressing.

  • No heating in the rooms you are not using, leave the thermostat valves on the radiators on the frost protection mode, this is usually indicated with an asterisk. Remember that a frozen radiator can cause many problems.
  • Do not have thermostatic valves on the radiator? Let the faucets a little bit open to prevent the radiator from freezing during severe frost. It is also better for your installation when a good water circulation is possible.
  • Heating a damp house uses more energy. Therefore, air the home daily even with the windows open against each other. This can save you annually about € 50.
  • Fifteen minutes airing is more than enough when windows and doors are fully open to each other.
  • Bring radiator foil, you can easily do this yourself and it makes a huge difference in heating costs. It’s a relatively small investment which can earn easily.
  • Do not place heavy furniture directly in front of radiators, you thereby preventing air circulation so the heat can not propagate well in the room.
  • Closes the curtains in the evening. Do you have any curtains? This is very nice but it is not good for energy saving especially if they are heavy curtains. Let them in the case the location of the radiator is in front of an open part.
  • Insulate your home. This can occur especially in older homes which are not well insulated. It is important to save in the long run. Remember that good insulation is a profession apart, inform yourself thoroughly about the possibilities.
  • Most cold draft comes under doors. Especially with doors to utility rooms and garages. Install weather stripping at the bottom of the doors to prevent heat loss. Sticking a weather strip is done so and has direct effect.

  • Are you going for a few days from home or on vacation set the thermostat to a permanent state of 9 degrees and turn on a hot water heater.

Save on heating bills, all tips in a row (Part 1)

Savings on your heating bill is not that difficult if you follow some rules and if all family members participate in. The latter is important, otherwise your new heating program can not be implemented consistently, and you can not look forward to a lower energy bill. Discuss in your household your plans and make everyone aware of the need to conserve energy and thus reducing heating costs down. The money you save can possibly do in a separate fund and the children promise that is being done with something fun, that’s an extra incentive to work with!

Stokes are old-fashioned?

First let’s look at your heating system. If you have a high-efficiency heater of less than five years old and the radiators are all equipped with thermostatic radiator valves? Then your system is in order! Do you have floor heating as the main heating in the living room? It is also good if you have a modern plant with a fast warm-up time. If your heater is more than five years? Let the expert look then and ask them for a review and the expected life.

There are heaters that can easily last for 15 years, other continue to perform well, while others now are already huffing and puffing on their last legs and it may be necessary to replace it with a better one. Of course that’s quite an investment which only earns back in the long run but it may be worth. The new heaters have been further improved, the industry is always looking for opportunities to increase the efficiency even more. Your installer can advise you in making the best choice for a new heater, a heater that is best suited for your heating system.

The heater, how to choose heater as economically as possible?

The heater and burner should be clean, good maintenance intervals is performed in time by a professional, who knows where the problems lie and a heater then is really yearly maintenance.

The water temperature of the heater should not be too high, 60-70 degrees which in a mild winter is the best temperature. If it freezes really hard, set the heater to 80-85 degrees. With a heater you keep the water temperature at 60 degrees.

The water pressure in the system must always be on arrow. Check this regularly and, if necessary. You do not need to refill too often then there might be water loss in the installation.

All modern heaters have an automatic ventilation, the heater is, however, not at the highest point in the system then install automatic air vents at the highest point of the system, this increases the efficiency of your system.

High energy prices

When you apply all the tips below, you can achieve substantial savings and that is not a luxury in these times of high energy prices. Let you not be fooled by the energy companies that try to persuade that they are so profitable, energy prices will only increase in the future. The price of gas is tied to oil prices and with the rise of powers such as China and India will consume more and more oil which will continue to rise in oil prices. For example, gasoline is for this reason never be more inexpensive and natural gas will no longer fall in price.

User behavior

Research shows that residents of energy-efficient homes often exhibit a somewhat sloppy heating behavior. It is thought that it makes little sense to set the night temperature lower because nothing would be spared. Also let it be on the heater if it is absent more often than people living in an energy efficient home. While meeting are also available in an energy efficient home with an A or B label certainly savings when the night temperature is set lower and when it is not fired when one is absent. Keep this in mind when you own a house.


Some tips to follow now seem obvious but remember this which they should be applied by everyone in the house. Does your teenage daughter’s cold? Her first step will be to put the heating thermostat at 23 degrees instead of a sweater to put on over its T-shirt. A sweater? “I do not want a sweater that is not good.” Look in this case you will need a lot of persuasion to convince her of the benefits of saving on heating bills.

Most likely, you’ll have to go shopping one afternoon with her to achieve your goal. Put that afternoon or the heating layer when you’re gone, that makes a difference. See, that’s outset one of the tips and a good thermostat allows you to program, moreover, no one at home? heating layer! We take this tip whatsoever at first on our list.

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